5 Prostate Cancer Myths to Know

Many men think that prostate cancer isn’t something they have to worry about until much later in life. While this is a dominant myth, there are certainly many more that continue to spread around. Here are five that you should know that can keep you proactive with your health!

Prostate Cancer Only Happens to Older Men

There’s nothing wrong with understanding that the risk of prostate cancer does increase with age. In fact, most men won’t be diagnosed until after the age of 65. However, prostate cancer is very common, and can begin to occur at a much younger age. While it may be uncommon to develop prostate cancer before the age of 40, men should still actively take precaution by visiting the doctor.

man holding tablet with an image of the male urology system

I Can Only Get Prostate Cancer If Someone in My Family Has It

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, so there’s certainly a likelihood that you’ve known someone that has experienced it before. In addition, you may have someone in your family that has been affected by prostate cancer, thus raising your risk. However, you can also be the first, so it’s important to be proactive.

If You Don’t Have Symptoms You Don’t Have Cancer

Prostate cancer can develop over time, so you may not even see symptoms in the very early stages. In fact, the prostate may continue to do its job well during this time. If you do have symptoms, make sure to schedule an appointment with Southland Urology immediately, but do not let the lack of symptoms stop you from making an appointment. The best way to catch prostate cancer early is by doing regular checkups.

If You Have Prostate Cancer, You’ll Die from It

It’s important to understand that medical treatment and having an optimistic outlook can go hand in hand. Even if you’ve been given a diagnosis of having prostate cancer, that doesn’t mean that you’ll die from the disease. In fact, many men will live well into their older age with the correct forms of treatment!

Prostate Cancer Means Your Sex Life Is Over

If you elect to have some sort of surgery, there is a chance that your sex life may be impacted among other things. However, many surgeons are able to spare nerves that can trigger erections, allowing for you to continue a normal sex life. If you haven’t started treatment or elect not to, your sex life may not be impacted at all!

Although these are just a few myths out there, there are certainly many more. Make sure to schedule an appointment with Southland Urology today so that you can ask all of the questions you need to in order to feel comfortable!

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