Urology Procedures in Orange County, CA

At Southland Urology, we are dedicated to providing personalized, cutting-edge treatments to the men and women of Orange County, California. Our team of highly skilled urologists in Orange County are dedicated to delivering the highest quality care available.

We offer a wide range of treatments for urologic conditions such as urinary tract infections and incontinence, as well as minimally invasive surgical options for urologic cancers. If you are interested in learning more about the procedures we specialize in, please don’t hesitate to contact our urology clinic in Orange County at (714) 870-5970.


Prostate Cancer Surgery

BPH (enlarged prostate) Treatment

Prostatitis Treatment



Kidney Cancer Surgery

Kidney Stones Treatment

  • Endoscopic management
  • Holmium laser treatment
  • ESWL (sound waves)
  • Percutaneous and minimally invasive procedures

Men’s Health

Women’s Health