Barrigel Prostate Cancer Spacer Gel in Orange County

Southland Urology is a urology clinic in Orange County that specializes in urological care. Our clinic has a team of highly experienced urologists in Orange County who have been able to help men reduce radiation exposure caused by prostate cancer radiation therapy. One of the ways we have been able to achieve this is through the use of Barrigel. Designed to help reduce the exposure of men to radiation during treatment. With the help of Southland Urology’s team of urologists and the use of Barrigel, men undergoing radiation therapy for prostate cancer can receive the care they need with a reduced risk of exposure to radiation. Call our urology clinic at (714) 870-5970 to schedule a consultation.



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Are you concerned of the side effects of radiation therapy. Southland Urology provides our patients with Barrigel to help eliminate or reduce the possibility of radiation to the rectum. Call our urology clinic at (714) 870-5970 to schedule an appointment today!